AdWords Advertising


Pay per click is a service that search engines like Google offer to the businesses for advertisement. PPC is a fast and efficient way to gain traffic to your website. To run PPC you need to setup a budget per month or week for a given search engine for example Google, next you select keywords that are relevant to your business, select geographic area and visitors type and run a campaign.

While running a Pay per click sound easy enough not all of those PPC campaigns return a profit if you don’t plan them properly. Solutionica offer complete PPC management and marketing assistance for your online marketing.  

To ensure your Pay per Click campaign offer a good return our experts work closely with you to design the following:




Market Analysis

Offer your visitor the best price if you can or the value for the money, ideally if you can offer both you are on the winning site. It is important to understand that while looking at the statistic and hundred off visitors coming to your website is a good feeling it may not be the best thing if you cannot compete with your competitors.

Clean and simple Website

Make sure your website is simple and clean for your visitors, do not over crowd information make sure your visitors can easily find the information that they are looking for. Interacting with different parts of your website is simple and your website display fresh and friendly to most of your visitors.

Content & Landing Page

It is important to understand that bringing visitors to your website is the first step, next is to make sure you bring them to the correct page on your website containing the relevant content they are looking for. There is no point to land each user to your home page when they are specifically looking for a particular product or its price. Landing user on the wrong spot will most likely increase your bounce rate which mean that the user will quickly leave and while you pay for that visitor he will not be giving you the business. You need create specific pages with specific information and link them to the correct keywords. When a user search for a specific type of “jeans” and click on your link your PPC link should bring your visitor to the desire page containing information relevant to the “jeans” your prospect customer is searching for.

Right Keywords

It is very important to select the proper keywords in order to ensure higher conversion and return on investment on your marketing campaign. When selecting keywords there are three important factors:


Frequency is the number of clicks per month for a specific keyword, higher the number of clicks better it is to generate more traffic.


It is important to ensure that the keyword is relevant to your product or service that your website is providing. If the keywords are not relevant you will have visitors coming to your website but you may not have them as your customers because your product or services are not what they are looking for. Basically you will pay for those visitors even though they are not interested in your products or services. This will result in expensive campaign with very low return on investment.


Most search engine including Google charge you when a user click on your link through AdWords, this cost is variable per keyword and its competition. Basically in a given time when there are more people willing to pay Google to display their website to searchers using a specific keyword the cost per click for that keyword will go up. Effectively there no fix cost for any keyword all keywords are charge base on biding. You need to be very careful with the competition, it may not be a good idea to bid on high competition keywords depending on its expected return compare to other keywords that you may use to gain market share.

Keyword Types

When creating your campaign, you need to understand the difference between broad search keywords, phrase match and exact match keywords. You also need to understand and consider negative keywords and make sure you exclude all negative keywords in your campaign to ensure you only pay for specific keywords that are more likely to bring the right audience to your website.

Geographic area

Select the area that you are servicing, depending on your business you need to select correct region. For example, if you are running a cleaning services in Sydney there is no point for you to advertise in Melbourne because you cannot service clients that are in Melbourne. Be careful of the region and the surrounding areas you select for your advertisement.

Target Audience

If your business sell products or services for specific age group, gender or interest make sure to select that specific group of people and filter the rest of the world. Basically narrow down the target audience to make sure each dollar you spend on Pay per Click return a better value to your business.

If you think it is a lot to understand and manage call the experts for you no obligation consultation today.