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Website design is what makes the first impression on your site visitors, its your shop front for online world and you need to make sure it is clean, simple and bonding. Our expert designers are highly professional in converting your ideas into an impressive design. To build an impressive design our dedicated designer will spend time in understanding and building the best custom design for your website. 


Our designers are expert in designing:




Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation phase a team consist of marketing expert, designer and a project manager will work with you and your team to gather your ideas, colour scheme preferences, layout and web page features. We listen to your ideas, understand your business needs and provide our input as part of brain storming process to assist you in building a professional design.





Competitor Analysis

After our meeting with you our project team will perform an extensive research on your competitors in the market, we will look at their websites, branding, colour scheme, features and visitor’s feedback. We will take into consideration all of this research and compile a design strategy for your website. Our team will have internal discussion on your design and we may contact you to gather additional information or to clarify few things in light of our research.






Initial Mock-up

Our designer will use all of the information gathered during the initial consultation and competitor analysis phase and construct a design mock-up for your website.  We will present a mock-up design to you for your input, you may want to take couple of days of time to show these mock-ups to other stake holders and staff to get their feedback. Our mockup designs are expertly design based on your requirements. Most of our customers generally accept the initial mock-up, however each design have its unique requirements and challanges, in some cases it may require few reviews before it is consider as final.




Design Review

Design review is a process to gather feedback from your business stakeholders on the initial mock-up to fine tune it to meet your satisfaction. In general, one or two reviews are necessary to ensure final design meet your expectation and business goal by considering all of the feedback. In some cases, the design may require additional reviews in case you have changed your mind since our discussion or you may have new idea that you would like to incorporate into the design. At Solutionica we offer up to three design reviews at no additional cost.






Final Design

A final design is what your site will build upon, final design is an output of your ideas, feedback, our research and creativity and we guarantee to ensure a professional looking clean and impressive design to ensure that your website visitors will find your site easy to use, attractive and professional. Once you are satisfied with the design we would require you to sign off on it so we can begin coding and turn the design into an interactive website.




Please feel free to look at some of our creativity in the portfolio sections of this website and If you are ready to get your custom impressive website design build please feel free to contact us.