Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At Solutionica we don’t offer empty promises to bring you on the first page. Our SEO methodology like other areas is completely transparent and task base delivery oriented. If you are interested in true white SEO that can benefit your business for long term then Solutionica can help. Before we start to explain how we do SEO we would like to bring a simple question to your attention.

Why would a search engine like Google display your link on the first page at no cost?

Let us share our understanding with you, search engine ranked base on their accuracy of presenting the relevant information to their visitors. While you could be on the first page by PPC for any keyword the criteria for you to be on the first without paying is different and hard. It is important for a search engine to make sure that your webpage benefit its user for what he/ she is looking for using a specific keyword. If your web page is not helpful and it does not have unique content you are no good for the search engine to be on the first page. This is why when using black SEO methods a webpage pretends to be useful to search engine eventually get blocked by search engine.

Our SEO Process

Solutionica provide a longer terms sustainable SEO program to its client. Our approach include understanding your business, identifying your business competitors, building a plan for your website to go beyond selling and to become a useful resource for the Internet as well as building your online reputation for your customers and search engines.

There are three main parts for any SEO project:

SEO Friendly Website

Let’s make this simple the information on your website need to be readable for humans and search engines. This require making sure each web page on your website is properly constructed in a way a search engine bot can crawl and able understand what the page or the site is about. Most website are not develop in SEO freiedly manner and as a result of this they mostly missing items such as:

Solutionica can perform a gap analysis of your website and identify missing bits for your on page optimisation and provide you with the complete report on what need to be done. Next you may want to fix the problems yourself, go back to your web developer or ask us to fix those issues for you.

Content Building

Our aim is to get your business but we are doing it while informing you. You can do the same, you may have an online store but you can provide feedbacks about the products or comparison that are useful for the public, you may want to setup a blog and write about products or build a YouTube channel with instructional training. Solutionica can help you build valuable information on your website over time, our services include:

Link Building

Finally link building is a mechanism of linking your website with other websites. We are define by our association so does your website, you need to be careful which website or directory you link your website with. Linking with the bad guys may get you in trouble even if you are not the bad guy. You need build both follow and no follow links in content written on other website and blogs.While Google publically avoid admitting that their link building is part of their algorithm it is widely known and proven that correctly place links specially in context on blogs and social media definitely have positive impression on your site ranking.

Solutionica offer ongoing service to help you establish links inbound and outbound with the websites that can help you build your reputation. Our services include:

Competitor Link Analysis

We identify your business competitors that are doing well with their SEO strategy, we then use our robust complex software to scan their sites for all inbound links and provide you with the comprehensive report on your competitor. This will help you establishing the same links for you site and also identify gap, for example you competitor may have low value international links where we can build higher reputation local links that can put you ahead.

Link Management

Once we completed your competitor’s link analysis we can then build a smart strategy for your link building. Our Link Management service include ongoing work to build those links for your site on your behalf.

For your free no obligation consultation with our SEO consultant pleaes feel free to contact us.