Web Application Development

Our Approach

Software companies either gives you a fix cost and scope project and takes the flexibility away from you to add remove things or they offer pay as you go resource model where you pay them for time instead of task, later approach release them from any accountability.

At Solutionica we combine the best of the both world. We offer time base costing combine with the fix deliverable base commitment within quoted time. We evaluate each task and offer a fix costing base on our time calculation for each task. If it takes us longer to complete because of technical issues we don’t pass that cost on to you so you can be little more certain about you ICT budget. Our approach gives you the flexibility to add or remove tasks from your scope and offer you a complete transparent costing model on how this may affect your project cost. We offer you full freedom to adjust the scope as we progress, so don’t hold back your creative ideas because you have sign up for some fixed contract.


Our Process

Solutionica is a professional Application development company. We are expert in:

System Analysis & design

Every application goes through a requirement gathering, analysis and design phase. Analysis and design phase is critical for the success of the project. If you fail to plan you actually plan to fail. At Solutionica we take this expression very serious. Our business analyst work closely with the client to gather all necessary information including your organisation structure, information flow, access level, processes and operational procedures. We then define or refine the project scope and build a system design for your application. We don’t just document the current processes and procedures but we also provide constructive input to our customers to streamline those processes where applicable to increase performance, accuracy and productivity using application and automation.



User Interface Design

Understanding user cases, information flow and management is a good start we take this to the next level by putting our understanding into a picture for you. A successful application relies on user acceptance, for user to accept and utilise the application it is important that application is simple, easy to use, assist user in finding the information and make their job easier. It all begins with what the application interface look like for different people and role in your organisation. User interface design is effectively a snap shot of what the application will look like for different people, what type of functions it will have for different areas of the application structure for different roles. Visualising the application always help to kick start a constructive conversation about what one would like to see differently in the application. New ideas surface from the creative minds within your organisation and we take them on board to meet those expectations.

A user Interface Design assist in:



Development Phase

Solutionica have resources for both PHP and Microsoft .Net technologies, based on your business need, budget and technology preference we allocate your project to the relevant team. Our database administrators are skilled in both Microsoft SQL and My SQL platform. A team consist of HTML, CSS, database administrator, programmer, tester work under the supervision of Business Analyst and Project Manager to develop your application.





Testing & Quality Assurance

Once the application is developed it goes through extensive testing for code errors and bugs followed by user case testing to meet the scope define in the project. Solutionica's testing team test your application for code errors and functionality using the user cases. We build different scenarios based on the information we have collected to ensure the application meet all of the requirements documented. The internal testing is very useful because it reduce the amount of work your staff have to do to test the final product.





User Acceptance Testing

This testing is performed by yourself and your staff. We configure the system in a demo mode and work closely with your staff to take the system on its first test drive, your staff use the system in the demo mode to make sure we have covered all of your business needs that we discuss during the system analysis and user interface design. This type of testing assist us in identifying functionality issues etc. before the system go live. During this cycle our team work closely with yours to rectify any issues that your team may identify.








Documentation & Training

Depending on your needs we can provide you with a training manual, how to book or simple overview of the system for your future reference and training needs. We can also assist you in delivering training to your staff and develop video training.





Data Migration and Deployment

If you were using an old system which could be another web application, desktop application or even excel spread sheet we can help you in migrating data to your new system. Our data migration team are expert in developing API’s and scripts to perform a seamless data migration to your new system. When you tell us you are ready and excited to use your new system we make it happen. We work closely with your staff and we offer even after hour deployment and support options to smooth things for your business and staff.


Post Deployment Support

It may be a lot to handle when you move to your new system, also training help smooth things for your staff it is natural to forget new things that you have just learned. We are not going to hang you to dry, our support team will work closely to help you get started. Our support staff will be just a phone call away to help your staff over phone, point them in the right direction by providing them link to training resource and even remote access and step by step guide your staff on how to deal with individual scenarios until your staff are confident to manage things by them self.