Web Security and Malware Protection

Our past few years’ web attacks are on rise. The criminals are attacking not just large businesses but also the small & medium companies website. There are many different motivation behind these attacks but one of the motivation is to use your companies reputation and name to spread malware and viruses to your visitors computer and steal their information.

Another well know attack is DDOS attack which include de-phasing your website. These attacks damage the reputation of your company and effect your revenue.

Are you puzzle what to do?

Well worry no more… Solutionica's website security services are design to tackle these attacks at an affordable cost. We offer comprehensive website scanning and traffic analaysis services to protect your website from malwares and DDOS.

How does it work?

Our hosted firewall and web proxy service redirect all your visitors from our world class firewall and IPS devices. Our Proxy web server continuesly sync and cache your website on our network. The firewalls scan for any malicious activity and blog those activities and IP addresses while servicing legitimate users without any intruption.
Google and other search engine look for the website with infected content and warn visitors, these search engine also sandbox your website and avoid your site appearing on the search if your site is infected for certain period of time and no action is taken. 

In addition to DDOS traffic re-direction our scanning services scan your website content daily on your website to identify any malware and infected file. It’s just like scanning your computer for viruses and make sure all nasty viruses and spyware are removed or quarantined to limit the impact. 
Our website security package includes:

Our website security service includes: