Website Development



Website Development is a process of converting a good looking website design into interactive pages that your website visitors can easily interact with. Website development varies from one website to another, it may include generating few HTML pages with some text, images and video or you may want to take it further. Solutionica offer professional development services for small, medium and large enterprise. No matter how small or large your project is, no matter how simple or complex the development tasks are we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to produce professional product for you at a competitive price. Solutionica's development team include vendor certified expert developers in both PHP open source and Microsoft .Net technologies.

Our development expertise includes:



Static HTML / CSS Website Development

If you are a small business looking for professional and simple few pages’ website in a limited budget Solutionica can help you get online in no time. Our professional HTML /CSS team group with professional designer will be able to construct a custom solution to build your unique distinguish online presence in no time.





Content Management System (CMS)

If your business require medium to large website with ongoing content upgrade a dynamic website with the content management solution will be a good choice to meet your needs. Don't settle for generic CMS system, Solutionica can build you a custom custom CMS solution. A custom CMS offer many advantages over a generic CMS like Word Press, one of the biggest advantage is the flexibility that it offer for a developer to tailored the functionality of the website. Using Solutionica's CMS the sky is the limit when it comes to meet your unique functionality needs. Tells us your ideas and we will code them for you, your ideas and our skills will produce a highly custom website and its management portal that you and your staff can use to regularly update the information on your website without additional cost or complex programing knowledge.



WordPress is not a bad option, it’s just not design to do everything, but if you are looking for simple CMS website with few pages Word Press can reduce your website cost and fast track the deployment for you. Especially if you require blogging functionality we recommend a Word Press Blog. Solutionica can help you build a custom design theme for your Word Press blog or website. Our Word Press team is highly skilled at customising Word Press to its limits to offer you a unique look for your website and blog. We offer onoging support and maintaince serivce to update and secure your WordPress site.




Hybrid Website

Depending on your requirements you may want to look at a Hybrid option were we use our CMS to provide unique and complex functionality for your website while integrate WordPress into your website design for blogging only. It is kind of best of the both world, our CMS will offer you the flexibility, security and simple management while you take advantage of the WordPress blogging capabilities. In hybrid design our expert from both WordPress CMS team work together to integrate both systems in professional way that your website visitor will not notice any difference while visiting your website, from your visitor’s perspective your website and blog will all look the same.