Website Hardening and Vulnerability Mitigation

Website security and malware removal stop most of the attacks and remove malware from the site if it is infected, however this does not mitigate the underlying vulnerabilities in your website code. For most business our website security & malware removal is more than enough however if you have specific compliance requirement and would like to mitigate vulnerabilities in your application code we can help.

For an attack to occur and be successful it requires three things:

Not much one can do about the motive however we can do a lot about the opportunity and vulnerabilities. Website security limit the opportunities for an attacker by monitoring and detecting suspicious behaviour where code hardening takes it to the next level by detecting vulnerabilities and eliminate them before an attacker could exploit them.

If you want to minimise the attack vector and limit options that an attacker has to exploit or meet certain compliance requirement such as PCI, Solutionica is expert in application hardening and vulnerability scan. Our security advisor work with the development team to first scan and identify weaknesses / vulnerabilities in your website design and code, we then work with the developer to mitigate those vulnerabilities by applying fixes and implementing secure coding techniques. This process makes your website or application code more secure by eliminating and minimising the number of way an attacker can exploit your site. If you would like to know more about code hardening, please feel free to talk to our security consultant.