Online Store

Get an online store from the online store experts, Solutionica has over 10 years of experience in designing and building online stores. Say good bye to all open source shopping carts and take advantage of the custom online store cart to distinguish your business from others.

Our shopping cart is developed in php, mysql & Ajax technology. We have over 200 hundred online stores running on Solutionica’s shopping cart.

Why Solutionica's Shopping Cart?

When you hire a script kiddie to build an online store using one of those open source shopping cart he can only build a solution within the frame work of open source cart. Your website code will have number of modules that are not relevant or required for your business and it will come with all of the open source vulnerabilities. 

Using Solutionica shopping cart you can distinguish your store in number of ways. While we have developed an underline structure for our shopping cart each deployment is completely customised to the client needs. We are not limited by any open source cart frame work our expert developer can convert any business idea or rule into an automated fully working online application.

Our Shopping cart offers:

User Friendly and Simple Interface

Simple navigation for your customers and staff to ensure everyone have great experience using the system.

Fully Customised Design

Fully customise design and layout, let’s draw sketch on piece of paper together and let our designer fill in the colours of your choice. When you are happy and satisfied our programmer will bring life into your idea using advance Ajax, Java and php skills. 

Customised Process Flow to your Needs

Don’t change your process because of application let us change the application to fit your needs. 

Stock Management

We offer two different level of stock management, a basic stock management can maintain simple stock level for each of your product. The application will alert you for low stock level and out of stock items, it will also display out of stock label or remove product temporarily if it is out stock depending on your preference.
If you are running Solutionica stock and Inventory management application then your online store can be fully integrated into our stock and inventory system to maintain product information and stock level from single place. 

Daily Backup functionality

Disaster can strike any system at any time, sure we want to prevent it from happening but what if we were not able to succeed in prevention. We need to make sure we can recover without losing critical information. Online stores are high transaction databases they need to be backed up frequently to ensure if a disaster strikes we should not lose more than few minutes of information. Solutionica online store comes with built-in backup system that can offer almost real time Recovery Point objective RPO for your online store.

Geo Location Functionality

If your business run across globe or in different states why not provide local contact information or offer local cultural touch to your site without building multiple sites. Our Geo Location functionality can customise areas on your website for example contact us form, header or banner slide to show different information based on visitor location. 

Multi Language support

Do you need an online store with different languages, don’t build two websites let us take care of this using our multi language content editor for your online store.

Brute Force Protection

Most people use simple password for their computer and website management, after all we all want something that we can remember. While it is important to have some complexity in your password the reality is even most secure password can be crack with simple technique of password guessing. Automated software keep trying different combination until hacker break into your online store. Not if the online store can detect failed attempts and block the malicious user after just three tries. 

Role Base Access for Administration

Ever think that you want to provide different level of access to your staff to administer your online store, you may want the staff to view new order and process them but block them from changing price etc. on the online store. Solutionica can define role base access for your staff that fit your needs.

Mail Chimp Integration for Email Marketing

What good is a database that cannot help you manage and retain your existing customers. Our robust mail chimp integration allow automatic sync for First Name, Last Name and email information into your mail chimp account and let you market your special offers to all of your customers without going forward backward into two different system.

Postal Service Integration for Parcel Tracking

Our system is fully compatible with Australia post online tracking service to help your customer track their orders from your website.

SEO Ready

SEO ready system are those online system that are developed considering all of the on page SEO optimisation rules, which include user friendly URL, correct tags, keywords option and clear structure for search engine to follow.

If your site is not SEO ready then you may end up paying additional money to modify it before you can become visible on search engine. Hire the expert to build a strong foundation for your future SEO campaign from the beginning.

Payment Integration

Are you small business just want to start selling online using cost effective PayPal solution or business that require more robust and customise payment solution. Our online store is fully integratable with Ezy Pay, Secure Pay, Pay Pal and all major Australian bank payment gateway.

PCI Compliance

Small business can simply re-direct their visitor to payment card website for payment processing, but for some businesses it is not an acceptable solution, if you wish to collect a payment on your own website you may be required to be PCI compliance in order for you to process and store credit card numbers in your system. We can provide you with the PCI compliance online store without additional hazzal.